Aguas de Ciruelos, Recreation Center Know where to find us
Our recreation center is located 17 kilometers from the urban area of Pichilemu, in the town of La Pampa, near plums.

Its prime location, amidst a natural setting surrounded by trees and beautiful scenery, and has the equipment that the whole family when leaving longs to recreate: pool, barbecue area, playground, soccer field, locker toilets, cabins, camping area and games for children.

Come and meet us, for which we indicate the coordinates to reach us.

To get to Aguas Tourist Complex of plums from Pichilemu, there are several alternatives, the most direct of it is coming out of Pichilemu Cáhuil Avenue. However, because few jobs are being done to pave this road, which has caused some detours, we recommend taking the alternative of leaving the city for Villa Los Navegantes, La Lomilla. After taking this path, arriving at hacie way Ciruelos, take the right hand. Later it take you to Los Cruceros, then Ciruelos, La Pampa and from there take the right hand to Aguas de Ciruelos.

If you decide to take the path mentioned at the beginning, Avenida Cáhuil, should take the road out of town for Avenida Cáhuil following the towns of Pueblo de Viudas, Buenos Aires, Las Comillas, Los Cruceros, Ciruelos and La Pampa.

There is another route, which follows part of the route of the salt, which is out of the way Pichilemu "Punta de Lobos", followed by "Laguna del Perro" Cáhuil, Barrancas and then arriving at Tourist Complex shortly before La Pampa

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